Where Will He Sign: Robinson Cano

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Saturday, November 16th, 2013
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Robinson Cano

In a new offseason feature BHC writers will explore the possible landing spots for high priced free agents. In the second edition of “Where Will He Sign” the staff analysed the possible teams in play for the services of second baseman Robinson Cano.

Travis Richardson @TravRichardRobinson Cano is the kid that doesn’t want more, he wants the most. Not even the New York Yankees are going to be able to give him what he wants and that is a first in my lifetime. Many reports came in saying that the Dodgers would make a run for Cano, but even that seems less likely now that they are expecting Alexander Guerrero to come over from Cuba and take second base. So let`s be honest, if you arentt wearing Dodger blue or pinstripes, you aren’t getting 300 million deals. My bet is Cano comes down in asking price and ends up back in New York, and he can still afford steak dinners on Thursdays.

Paul Jack @PaulJackSports:  New York Yankees, 6 years, 138 million,  23 mill a year. I realize his top advisor Jay-Z says he should get 300 million, but surely the Yankees have learned their lesson about giving contracts to players for too long of a time frame.  Look at what Alex Rodriguez is doing to that payroll. Cano has been the best 2B in the game for quite some time and deserves a big payday, but due to him being 31 years old that hurts him a little bit, hence I say 138 million not 170 million.

Brendan Panikkar @Panikkar37:Robinson Cano  is the top free agent on the market and Cano and his agent, Jay-Z are making it very clear what the asking price is on the star second basemen. Cano is hoping for $300 million which seems absolutely insane that any team will pony up and pay that money. The way I see it, there is 3 teams that could land Robbie Cano. The Dodgers are one of the teams, as their bank seems bottomless and surely have the money to sign Cano. The second is re-signing with the Yankees. Hal Steinbrenner has made it known that the contract talks will begin very soon with Jay-Z and he really doesn’t expect Cano to budge from his asking price. However, the Yankees would be smart to re-sign Cano, as this is very much HIS team. Losing Cano could send the Yankees into a tailspin. The third team is a reported surprise team that would hand over the money. Some feel it is the Toronto Blue Jays, but unless Cano wants to lower his years and cash, it is extremely unlikely the Blue Jays are the team. The team many feel it also could be is the Miami Marlins as their pay book is wide open and they likely have the cash to sign Cano. However, given the state of the Marlins, why would Cano want to sign with Miami? Other than that, I do not see any other team being able to afford Cano unless he realizes that $300 million is out of the question for most teams. I think he re-signs with the Yankees and the Yankees are able to get him on a cheaper price than what he’s asking. I would say the Yankees re-sign Cano for 7-8 years at anywhere in between 225-275 million dollars. Don’t expect the Yankees to let their star second basemen walk.

Patrick Gilbride @PatrickG42: Robinson Cano is without a doubt the top free agent on the market this off-season. It has been reported that since switching agents, from Scott Boras to Jay-Z, that he will be looking for 10 years $300+million. With top free agents in the past like Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton not performing up to their mega contracts, teams will be reluctant to give out a 10 year contract to someone who is 31. Cano carried the Yankees to an improbable run of just missing out of a playoff berth with numerous key injuries to their roster. After failing to re-sign Granderson and possibility of losing Alex Rodriguez to suspension, Cano will be the main priority for New York and will re-sign for 7 years/$175 million.

Marc Keller @mrarmchair: I think this may be the first time in a long time that we see the New York Yankees let, or lose out, on a high-priced free agent.  Judging by what’s coming out of the Yanks front office, they’re not wanting to cave and commit to Robinson Cano‘s ridiculous demands of 10-years and $300+ million.  So with that, I think Cano will land with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  They have a glaring need at 2B and more money-printing machines than the US Treasury.  And I don’t know if I was the only one who saw this, but did anyone else see the look on Magic Johnson’s face at the end of Game 6 of the NLCS v. the St.Louis Cardinals when he knew the end was near?  It was the face of “get me Jay-Z’s (Cano’s new agent) cellphone number right now!”  Cano’s in Dodger blue next season.

Chip Jabaley @jip_chabaleyAthletes go where the money leads them. There are a few exceptions, but that has been the policy for quite a while now. Robinson Cano is no such exception. His utterly absurd asking price of 10 years/$300 million (he’s 31 years old!) will likely not be met by any team — especially not the Yankees, who have learned their lesson on long, expensive contracts thanks to a certain man known simply as “A-Rod”. The team that will come closest to that number, however, will be the Los Angeles Dodgers. L.A. showed last season in the Boston trade that they are not afraid to take on large contracts. This is a franchise that already employs Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford, Hanley Ramirez, and Zack Greinke, all of whom have expensive, if not monstrous salaries. And on top of all that, it was reported in October that they offered Clayton Kershaw, their two-time Cy Young winner, a $300 million dollar deal. The Dodgers spend money like water, so what’s another huge deal? Cano will sign with L.A.

Brandon Jopko @pumpedupjays: I really feel like Cano should be a Yankee for life, and even though his asking price of $300 million is ridiculous, I believe they will eventually find a way to settle on a more reasonable contract if you call $210 over 8 years reasonable. And yet, the Yanks still haven’t moved of late to get something done. I suspect they’re waiting to see if other teams are willing to pony up for Cano because if they aren’t, his eventual signing price just got cheaper. As a result, there’s a tiny window open to other teams who are coy enough to move in and try to negotiate with Cano, which in the end, leaves the Yankees with an opportunity to beat the best offer. If I had to pick a sleeper team, it’s the Tigers.

Gavin Ewbank @GavinEwbank2013: Obviously Cano is the Yankees’ best player, and it would only benefit the team moving forward if he’s playing in the Bronx. With that said, the Yankees aren’t going to throw every last dollar his way. He wants to be paid like the highest-paid player in the game, but he’s not going to get that from the Yankees. He wants to stay in New York, and some have reported that he told some teammates that he plans on staying, but at the same time, he’s likely to go play for the highest bidder. Like I said, the Yankees aren’t going to break the bank to sign him, especially if it affects getting under $189M, but I still believe that he’ll be in pinstripes on Opening Day 2014.

Chris Lacey @aecanada12: Robinson Cano will more than likely end up resigning with the New York Yankees. He won’t get what he’s asking for, but the Yankees will sign him to a good deal that shows his worth to the team.I would be very surprised if another team is able to pry him away from New York.

John Rich @_JohnRich: There’s only one place Cano will be, and that’s back in New York.  He’s asking for $305 million over 10 years, and I don’t think anybody in Major League Baseball is willing to offer him that much.  Even the Yankees are sceptical (look at how they’re handling A-Rod now), but they’re ready to sit down and negotiate with him.  I think that in the end, Cano will settle on staying in New York because they will probably be the ones to offer him the best contract anyways… No one else is going to spend an absurd amount of money on a 31 year old player.

Chris Moran @HangingSlurves: Cano will end up with the Yankees if for no other reason than that nobody else can afford him. I expect him to get 8 years and 200 million dollars. It’s pricey, but Cano has been very durable, and his power should age well. The last few years might look ugly, but that’s just the reality of free agency. The Yankees have received more than their money’s worth up to this point.

Anthony Bockheim @themoon2400Robinson Cano requested ten years and 300 million from the New York Yankees. The Yankees countered with a similarly unsavoury deal for the lifetime .300 hitter.  However, the team offered eight years. My bet is he eventually stays in pinstripes for six or seven years at around 25 million a year. Rumors that the Detroit Tigers want him seem off to me. The Motor City is ecstatic over the glove of Jose Iglesias and if they want a shortstop with a bat Jhonny Peralta is a rare proven playoff hitter for them. The Los Angeles Dodgers would have to pay full price to pluck him from the Bronx.

Gary Marchese @gmarchesej: Where will Cano sign? To me that is easy, the NY Yankees. He isn’t going anywhere, he is their best player right now and in his prime. Are there really any other options, yes but not even close to Cano level. He is one of the best in the sport. When push comes to shove they will both realize they need each other. I say 8 years for 200 million.

Clayton Richer @MLBHotCorner: It would give me great pleasure to see the Yankees get outbid in the Cano sweepstakes feeding them a taste of their own medicine. Cano may not get his astronomical magic number of 300 million but he definitely has a great chance at being the highest paid player in the game when it’s all said and done. Cano ranks 14th in career home runs all-time amongst second baseman with 204 and immediately improves any club. Cano has missed a grand total of 14 games in the last 7 seasons combined and owns a career WAR of 45.2 so he has some bargaining leverage. I have a gut feeling he wont be wearing pin-stripes next season, maybe the Dodgers deal Matt Kemp and use the money to lock up Cano. One thing is for sure, I will be dreaming of a Jose Reyes/Robinson Cano double play combination all winter long. Who knows, sometimes dreams do come true.

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