What Will The White Sox Look Like In 2014

by Paul Jack | Posted on Thursday, December 12th, 2013
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Jose Abreu

Hey, it’s like 4 degrees today in Chicago. I can dream about Spring Training right?

The Chicago White Sox just acquired promising outfielder Adam Eaton. This acquisition fills a void for a legit leadoff hitter and a speed guy.  Eaton was a bit banged up last year after being a preseason sleeper .  In 2013 the White Sox were 8th in the AL in stolen bases , however they were 3rd in caught stealing. Time to start being a little more selective. Eaton should help improve those totals having swiped 106 bases in 345 career minor league games.

Adam Eaton arriving on the south side does leave the door open for another trade.  At the moment we have an odd man out. The 1B/DH role is filled by the trio of Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko and Jose Abreu.  The outfield at this moment has Adam Eaton, Alejandro De Aza, Avisail Garcia and Dayan ViciedoSomebody has to go. It would be lovely for it to be Dunn, but the White Sox would have to eat almost all of that contract in order to move Dunn. That likely is not happening.

It would appear that either Viciedo or De Aza will be on the move soon.

At the moment the Sox are decent. Adding Eaton and Jose Abreu has helped out the offense a little bit.  Although with Abreu you don’t know what you are getting and will his numbers translate immediately?  Will he make the team out of spring training?  Man I can’t wait to find out.  If Eaton can stay healthy, he says he would love a line of 100 runs, .300 avg and .400 obp.  Well shoot, who wouldn’t love that?  If Eaton can improve, Abreu can crack the starting lineup and Gordon Beckham can rediscover his bat from 3 years ago the White Sox have a legit shot at the division.   The pitching is still decent enough to go deep into games and the division other than Detroit doesn’t scare anybody.

OK it’s only December but I can dream right?


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  • Did I read challenge for the division? With no catcher or 3rd baseman? Is there a chance Tank could get moved back to 3rd? Tigers GM Dombrowski (not sure how to spell it) is making our organization look pathetic. Another last place season is looming despite our pitching. Go Sox!

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