Women in Baseball Night by the Mariners, a New MLB trend?

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
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The Seattle Mariners will on Tuesday night have a game against the Baltimore Orioles. A panel of Women in Baseball will be hosted by the Mariners before the big game. The panel is meant to offer first-hand experiences from women in the baseball industry, they will majorly discuss the great game of basketball in the society today and their role in it. This event will have some effect on the latest online baseball odds.

We contacted an organizer of the event called Meg Rowley so that she could shed more light on it. She is a celebrated as well as an award-winning author for the prestigious Baseball Prospectus. Rowley can easily be found on the popular social platform of Twitter. Tickets to the event can be bought at the Mariner’s official website.

Is there really any difference between the increasingly standard ladies’ night promotions and this event?

It is a fact that there are several available ways by which female fans can interact with the game. However, this particular event provides them with a rare opportunity like never before. This is because they will get to hear from some women who actually work in baseball i.e. on the experiences they have had as professionals. They will also get to learn about the paths these women took to get to where they are, the hurdles they had to overcome and their thoughts on modern-day baseball.

How the event came to realization.

Approximately one year ago, I was looped in by two individuals i.e. Kevin Martinez (Marketing VP of the Mariners) and Jeff Sullivan of the Fangraphs. Afterward, it was simply a matter of getting panelists who could share different perspectives as well as ensuring that the event got an ideal tone. I think female fans invest a lot of money, time and energy are supporting their favorite players and teams. It is that sort of commitment that we wanted to seriously acknowledge by organizing an event that would provide recognition and celebration to the tremendous contributions that women have made to baseball. Nonetheless, the work that remains to be done in order to encourage diversity in baseball by the media and front offices being acknowledged.

Was is it by design that the panel featured several perspectives?

We were really lucky to have many amazing women from the Mariners working both in as well as around the organization. Some examples are Shannon Drayer (reporter), Amanda Hopkins (Area scout) and Kelly Munro (PR and baseball info). We were also fortunate that the Baltimore Orioles were ready to let go of their Director of Analytics and Major League Contracts, Sarah Gelles to join us. I believe that possessing many roles is essential. This is because it can give the fans with a holistic view of working for the game but still have something little for everyone.

The importance of representation – regardless of whether it is in shows such as PITCH or it is Mo’ne Davis

I believe that it makes a huge difference for girls and women and for all fans to witness people like themselves working in baseball and playing this great game. It strengthens the faith on the possibility of those paths. In the long run, I hope that we will witness a woman playing in the majors. However, regardless of whether it is scouting on a back field, press box or it is in the front office, there are many women working in baseball. It is difficult for any minor leaguer to envision themselves at the majors if they do not see any player who has a repertoire of pitches or swings like theirs at the highest level possible. It is my hope that hearing from several women with roles in all aspects of the industry i.e. in scouting, analytics, baseball media and the front office will inspire a few women who initially thought that a path was closed to them

Important steps that the fans, media or organizations can take to support women in baseball?

It is a difficult problem to deal with and to solve it requires simultaneous contribution from both the bottom and the top. This means that the league has to make sure that it is mentoring and promoting women who are already working in baseball. Furthermore, it has to make sure that women can get access to positions at the entry-level and this has to be in a proper way to guarantee an endless supply of talent. A good way is to pay competitive wages to the entry-level positions and to give junior people with good mentorship. There is a Diversity Pipeline Program by MLB that is a good start for attracting and supporting different candidates. However, note that this will need a sustained effort but I am hopeful that it will improve. I think that operating with the assumption that women in ballpark adore baseball in the same way as men, is a good way to make female fans feel more welcome.

Do plans of organizing such events in several markets in the future exist?

I definitely hope so. This is because the response we have received from the fans of other baseball teams has been unbelievable. This means that there is great demand for these events. The best part in organizing this panel if I have to admit has been in the many suggestions from people who contacted me about women who work in the game that could narrate their stories. That said, I hope this is just the beginning of many Women in Baseball Nights to come.

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Clayton Richer
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