Yankees Will Always Be Kings of New York

by Nik Swartz | Posted on Friday, April 24th, 2015
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Subway Series

No matter how much success the other team in New York may be having this season, or ever, the city of New York will always be owned by the New York Yankees.

ESPN Sunday Night baseball analyst John Kruk seems to have a different opinion, but the facts are the facts and the Yankees run Gotham and the New York Mets are, and always will be, the Yankees little sister.

Even though the Mets head to the Bronx winners of 11 straight and have MLB’s best record of 13-3, someone needs to remind their fans ‘it’s only April’ and ‘records in April don’t mean anything.’ Mets fans are very excited, as they should be, because it’s been a long time since they had any relevance in Queens, let alone in MLB.

Even as Mets fans brag about this early season success, they may want to look up at their big brother, because the Yankees are doing pretty well themselves.

The Bronx Bombers are coming off an impressive four game series against the Detroit Tigers, who had only two losses before the Yankees took three-of-four from them, as well as a sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays before that.

The Yankees also play in a much better league and division than the Mets, but records can always be thrown out when these two teams meet and this season is no different, as bragging rights to the “City That Never Sleeps” are as high as they have been since the two teams met in the 2000 World Series.

Just in case any Mets fans forgot what happened in that series, the Yankees won four games to one. That series was amazing for the city of New York, as well as MLB, but it was also just another example of the Yankees dominance over their little sister from Flushing.

Yankees fans are used to winning, because the Yankees are the most dominant sports franchise that there’s ever been in any sport – ever. Its understandable Mets fans get frustrated having to share a city with a team like the Yankees.

The Yankees not only dominate on the field, in the standings, all-time, but the Yankees will always be more important than the Mets in New York, as well as in MLB. As angry as this may make many Mets fans, it’s the truth. The Mets will always play second fiddle to the Yankees.

The Yankees have a 56-42 record over the Mets, which is just another indication of who the best team in New York is. The Yankees beat the Mets in the World Series; have a total of 27 World Championships, 40 Pennants, and 51 Playoff Appearances. In addition to all the team success the Yankees have, the Yankees also have the most members in the MLB Hall of Fame (22). The Mets have nothing to be ashamed of though, they do have 2 World Series Championships.

If any Mets fan has made it this far into this article they are most likely very upset, which was the intention, but it’s all in good fun as New York and MLB fans across the country get treated to the best Subway Series since the 2000 World Series.

All jokes and fun jabs at the Mets aside, the team deserves a lot of credit for their 11 game winning streak, as well as the 13-2 record. The Mets have been crushed by injuries again this season.

Even with the rash of injuries, the Mets are the hottest team in MLB. Maybe the most incredible part about the Mets early season success is they’re winning without captain David Wright (hamstring), starting catcher Travis d’Arnaud (broken finger) and ace lefty reliever Jerry Blevins (broken forearm). Wright hurt himself running the bases, d’Arnaud was hit by a pitch and Blevins was hit by a comebacker.

The Mets should get Wright, d’Arnaud and Blevins back sometime this season, but they are also without Bobby Parnell (Tommy John surgery), Jenrry Mejia (elbow, suspension), and Vic Black (shoulder), lefty Josh Edgin (Tommy John surgery) and finally, Zack Wheeler (Tommy John surgery).

Not many thought the Mets would be anything but a third place team in the NL East, and that was before the rash of injuries, but the Mets, like the Yankees, have proven their doubters wrong.

Just like the Mets, the Yankees were counted out before the season started and the whispers about missing the postseason again became screams when the Yankees started the season off slow.

The Yankees had a miserable start to the season, as the team went 2-4 in their first six games and played horribly in every phase of the game. Since that horrendous start the Bronx Bombers have righted the ship winning six of seven and are in an early season three-way tie atop the AL East.

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  • the “AXE”

    You have no idea what your taking about ..back in the 40s 50s in was a NL town..even with the great yankee teams..from 1985-90 mets run the town..2006-2008 mets town…in NY..50% mets 50% yankees and 50% go with who’s winning…that is a fact…and now with the yankees being a very old tied boring team…most fans relate to the mets very hip cool team…so its a mets town again….deal with it..

  • the “AXE”

    Meet the Mets, meet the Mets, step right up and greet the Mets, Bring your kiddies, bring your wife, guaranteed to have the time of your life, because the Mets are really sock’in the ball, knocking those home runs over the wall, East side, West side, everybody coming down to meet the M-E-T-S Mets of New York town! 

  • Guest

    Granted but The mets started in 1962 while The Yankees were playing a doubleheader the day General Washington crossed The Delaware!

  • Arturo Castelo Jr

    Granted but The Mets started in 1962 while The Yankees were playing a doubleheader the day General Washington crossed The Delaware!

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