Yasiel Puig Apologizes To Los Angeles Dodgers For His Tardiness

by Jonathon Kamph | Posted on Saturday, April 5th, 2014
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Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig was taken out of the starting lineup for yesterday`s home opener for the Los Anegels Dodgers. The reason why you ask? He was late. While the rest of the team was on the field stretching, Puig was in the club house getting dressed. He was set to start in right field against the San Francisco Giants, who ended up beating the Dodgers 8-4. 

“I’m sincerely sorry,” Puig said through a translator after the game. He also went on to explain that he didn’t realize that stretching and batting practice would be held so early with a 1 P.M. start. Puig has said that he did in fact apologize to the Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, as well as the team and that they did forgive him.

‘They felt it was ok when I owned up to it and apologized,” he said. “I felt bad I wasn’t out there playing for all the fans.”

Matt Kemp who was not slated to start today, replaced Puig after Mattingly said that he would not start. Kemp had just came off the disabled list on Friday, after rehabilitating from left ankle and shoulder operations.

Mattingly had down played Puig’s mistake when asked about it.

“He truly bad.” the manager said. “You can tell by his body language, he doesn’t hide things well.” 

Mattingly had thought it would be more then a fitting punishment to sit him out for the game, rather then fine him a couple hundred dollars.

“He felt bad he wasn’t here and I believe that,” Mattingly said. “He’s a good kid. Does he have to grow up and get better? yeah, but there’s a lot of guys like that.” 

When catcher A.J. Ellis was asked about the situation, he chalked it up to something that can happen to any player. Especially during a mix of day and night games.

“Its one of these learning experiences,” Ellis said. “He’s going to be fine. I’m sure he’ll be very prompt and on time for the rest of his career, hopefully.” 

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Jonathon Kamph
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