If Zack Cozart Makes The All Star Team, Joey Votto Will Buy Him A Donkey

by Jake Archer | Posted on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
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Well, his is one of the weirder, more awesome stories of the baseball season thus far. Cincinnati Reds shortstop Zack Cozart is having a breakout year so far and his teammate, Joey Votto apparently promised to buy him a donkey if he makes the National League All-Star team. That promise was made last year but I guess it still stands and I think Votto is going to have to pony up (no pun intended but now that I realize it, it was definitely intended). Cozart has come out of nowhere to have an amazing year and he’s a good bet to not only be selected for the All-Star team but also possibly start at shortstop.

It’s an interesting move to love donkeys so much, but I guess to each his own. I think if I was to be promised an animal for doing something I would have to have it be some kind of monkey. Not the monkeys that can rip your face off and plot to take over the world, but the ones that sit on your shoulder and maybe get you a beer from the fridge. Anyway, I’m getting off topic.

From what I gather, Cozart seems like an awesome guy. He’s very humble and very self-aware that he’s kind of a no name in a small market. I mean he came into this season as a very average player and now he’s just ripping it up. He’s batting .324 with 9 homers and 33 RBI. He also just passed Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager in the fan voting for the All-Star game.

Would I go as far as to say he’s on a tear because he really wants a donkey that bad? Yes, I would. He loves donkeys for some reason that even he doesn’t fully understand and I can’t wait to see him get one from Votto in a month or so.

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Jake Archer
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  • EM Keough

    To each his own. Even though Zack’s wife says they don’t have room to keep a donkey, I’m sure he could find a place to board the donkey for not too much money and close enough to visit often.

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