Zero K Bats Striking Out The Competition

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017
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Zero K bats is a company based out of Quebec that is putting their name on the baseball world producing second to none lumber. Zero K only uses the highest quality wood on the market and the best billets money can buy which give their product maximum hardness and strength.

They craft their bats using yellow birch which is 41% impact resistance higher than maple and 28% higher than ash. You can also elect for hard maple if you prefer as their popular maple bats are 15% harder than yellow birch but 29% lower in impact resistance.

According to their website, their bats are protected with an industrial finish that contains a high coefficient of friction to give maximum grip on the handle. At impact, it increases the backspin of the ball which allows the ball to travel straighter with less air resistance, resulting in more distance.

Let me tell you I have used just about every major bat company over the years trying to find the perfect bat that offered the best weight distribution and velocity/travel off the bat. Zero-K leaves the competition in the dust, these bats are top notch.

Zero-K proves you don’t need to mortgage the house to get a quality stick as their price point can’t be beat making this bat the must have bat of the summer. Most wood bats are in the affordable $75 price range.

Zero-K also allows you to customize your bat to suit your personal preference from the length, handle and barrel colour, branding colour and two personalizations on the knob.

They also not only offer custom wood bats but composite and fungo bats to suit your every need.

Check out their website at, trust me you won’t be disappointed. If you want to hit the ball further and more often then Zero-K should be the lumber for you.

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Clayton Richer
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